on-site and off-site services provided

PC Software

Expert knowledge on current and latest Windows technology software and security

PC Hardware

From replacement of a desktop PC/laptop hardware part to a custom built desktop PC that all come with a warranty

Malware Removal and Protection

Get rid of malware. Keep them out with anti malware protection that works

Cloud Technology

Help with popular cloud services like Microsoft, Google and Dropbox


Get a proper backup solution for all your data

Mobile and Sync

Setup sync of mail, calendar, contacts, and documents across mobile devices

Wireless Networking Security

Setup and configuration of wireless routers with proper coverage and security

Performance Increase

Tune up your PC. Eliminate resource hogging software to have a fast reliable computer experience

Parental Controls and Web Content Filtering

Safeguard and monitor your child’s web browsing activity on all devices

Tutoring for Seniors

One on one personalized computer tutoring lessons for seniors

And Much More!